Huntington | Noter

1) What, according to the second paragraph of the text, is Huntington’s hypothesis about the main source of conflict in the world?
2) Why are these events important stages in the evolution of conflict in the modern world:
- Peace of Westphalia (1648), more then one king was involved in solving a conflict.
- The French Revolution (1789)
- After World War One
3) Why has the end of the Cold War moved the world away from ‘Western civil wars’?
4) The term ‘civilization’ is crucial for Huntington’s argumentation. How does he define this term?
5) Find out more about the major civilizations that Huntington mentions
6) Describe and explain these 6 factors mentioned in the text supposed to intensify the clash of civilizations:
1. The diff. are basic (History, tradtion, language, religion, culture),
2. The world is becoming smaller
3. Local identities are fading so civilizations become more important.
4. Back to the roots – conscieness increases
5. Cultural features are difficult to change (Product of century)
6. Economic regionalism is increasing
7) What elements, according to Huntington, contribute to the clash between the Islamic and Western civilization? Can you add more examples to his description?
8) What is happening in Turkey according to Huntington? Find examples from recent years of Turkey’s dilemma and discuss whether Turkey is moving n towards e redefinition of its civilization identity.
9) How does Huntington conclude his article? What should the West do to prepare for possible effects of other civilizations clashing with ours? What do you think?
10) Huntington’s concept of the clash of civilizations has been used extensively in the public debate. Give examples of this theory.

In the future source of conflict, will not be on idological or economic, but cultural, meaning the conflict will be between group of different civilizations. Equivalent to the clash of civilizations.

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