‘How lucky we are’ | Analysis | Noter

How lucky we are

line 4 page says something about how he is seen by his mom.
page 1 line 27-34 Max doesn’t care that much about school.

page 2 42-43, Max being a closed person
page 2 48-50, Max is around those kinds of people. And that he is rolling his own cigarettes

page 2 56-75 Learning something about a girl he likes, she is higher up in the society, and has a hold of her life, he admires her (Her accent, speaking better English than many of his London born friends.)

page 3 75-80 the girl he thinks is amazing is the girl from the start of the text Ishraqi, she is originally from Iran, but she left because, her parents were arrested, for protesting, about anti-government demonstration.

page 3 84-86, she is more organized, (she checks with Alexa, that she is spelling words the right way, and she takes school seriously


The short story was released by Debi Alper in 2010 this is also seen in the text, because they have mobile phones.

The story is about a teenage boy called Max, he lives in London with his mom and he is kind of a rebel, he bunks off from school, and he doesn’t really care about that much.

He goes on Brit school which, is a school where he gets to be creative. He then meets a girl, who is originally from Iran

he then starts realizing that his life isn’t so bad. He then falls for her, but she gets deported from England, and is being send back to Iran.

It is a Third person teller in the text, which makes it more like we are following them all, instead of only one person, even though Max is the main character in the text.

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