How Lucky You Are | Essay

The themes in the story is family, immigration, the youth and most importantly appreciation.

The story puts two very different lives into perspective; and shows how unfair it is for a young, well- functioning and intelligent girl who does not have any other opportunities than to escape her own country because of how it works there, leaving behind both parents and birthplace to live a safe life in England. And then getting told she has to go back, putting her life at risk.

Many passages in the text it appears how different the family situation can be depending on where you live. And how a western young teenager is thankful for his life compared to a life filled with fear and absurd systems.

“He thought about Ishraqi not knowing if her parents were alive or dead and resolved not to argue with his mum for once.”

When Alexsa tells him, what had happened with Ishraqi he seeks to justice, it could not be real that there was not anything to do. But as Alexsa says there is nothing he can change.

Afterwards she says a very important and essential thing: “Go home to your mother. Work hard. Take your exams. And know always how lucky you are.”

And these few last words are the point of the whole story. Do not take your privileged, safe life for granted. It could be so much worse.

Appreciate every living day you have and get the best out of it; you have the opportunity to shape your life in so many ways without it having consequences or huge costs for you or your beloved once’s so do it. Nothing is stopping you but yourself.

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