‘How lucky you are’ | Analysis | Noter

Migration is a big problem today. It is especially a big thing in the UK. Whether you look at it as I problem or a solution for a world crisis, migration is a topic that the media should discuss and improve all the time.

The story how lucky you are by Debi Alper deals with the problem of migration and deportation. The story is about a young English boy called Max

who learns how important gratitude and appreciation is. He does that when he encounters a refugee named Ishraqi.

Ishraqi is an Iranian girl that migrated to the UK a year and a half ago all by herself, when her parents were taken from her by the government at a demonstration.

Now in the UK she attends a school and has GCSE exams. Ishraqi loves the UK and she can feel the changes in the public compared to Iran.

In the UK she has been given a new style where she can decide what she can wear in contrast to Iran where she should have covered her body from head to toe.

Unlike some people she knows how lucky she is, and expresses that several times while talking to Max. P 11 ll 38-43.

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