Hermie | Nathaniel Rich | Short Story

As a child, we all had a vivid imagination. We had invisible or imaginary friends and talking creatures. We used to go on adventures in the wood and explore it together. It’s a normal thing kids have in their heads. When I was a kid, my imaginary fantasy was awesome. I had invisible friends and they talked to me, creatures talked to me too.

We were like best friends forever We all had the same thoughts, we never got angry at each other, we all agreed on the same things, we laughed, we slept together, we ate and drink together, we went to school together and went shopping to together. But one day, when I got older, I lost them.

My mom took them away from me. She said that Invisible friends and talking creatures are only in fairy tales. She said I had to grow up and stop being a little baby. My life wasn’t the same without them. It felt like something part of me was lost. Even if my mom took them away from me, nobody said I could make some invisible friends up.

In fact, I do still have an invisible friend since I was a kid. I think that the reason kids have imaginary friends and think creatures are talking to them, is maybe that they feel alone, and they don’t want to feel alone, so they have someone on their side they can “talk to”. I mean that’s how it was for me when I was little.

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