Assignment 1

Assignment 2
a. Find og skriv fire adverbier (biord). Angiv for hvert adverbium, hvad det lægger sig til.
b. Angiv ud fra sammenhængen, hvilke ordklasser følgende ord tilhører:


Assignment 5
- Summary
- Analytical essay

Henry Hill is introduced to life in the mob almost by accident. In 1955, when he is eleven years old, he wanders into a drab, paint-flecked cabstand at 391 Pine Street, near Pitkin Avenue, in the Brownsville-East New York section of Brooklyn, looking for a part-time, after- school job.

The one-story, storefront cabstand and dispatch office is directly across the street from where he lives with his mother, father, four older sisters, and two brothers, and Henry is intrigued by the place almost as far back as he can remember.

Even before he go to work there Henry was seeing the long black Cadillacs and Lincolns glide into the block.

He was watching the expressionless faces of the cabstand visitors, and he always remember their huge, wide coats.

Some of the visitors are so large that when they haul themselves out of their cars, the vehicles rose by inches.

He sees glittering rings and jewel-studded belt buckles and thick gold wrist bands holding wafer-thin platinum watches.

The men at the cabstand are not like anyone else from the neighborhood.

They wear silk suits in the morning and will drape the fenders of their cars with handkerchiefs before leaning back for a talk.

He was watching them double-park their cars and never get tickets, even when they park smack in front of a fire hydrant.

In the winter he was seeing the city's sanitation trucks plow the snow from the cabstand's parking lot before getting around to cleaning the school yard and hospital grounds.


In the short story ”Neutral Buoyancy“ a typical day at the BeWell downtown pool in the life of Jetta Crisp, is described in great detail to show the significance that this part of the day plays in her life.

Jetta describes her fellow swimmers in the different lanes, as she tries to figure out which one is most likely to be free when she needs it for her daily sixty laps, which must start at 2:15 to make sure she doesn’t overshoot her lunch break.

After Jett is finally able to occupy a lane, she begins her daily exercise, becoming one with the water around her, and entering a concentrated and weightless zone, until she suddenly sees the elder man beside her drowning, and even though she hesitates to break her streak, she eventually saves the man, who thanks her and calls her a hero.