Harley Davidson | Analysis | Marketing

• The brand name & image of Harley-Davidson:
• Surprising earnings:
• High quality products

• Company lost market share:
• Their core constituency is getting older:
• Industry has declined year over year:
• Struggling brand:
• Lack of segments:

• Invested in electric motorbikes:
• Appealing to Women & Young Riders:
• Harley Davidson is a globally known brand:
• Launching a new company:

• Threat of the competition
• High production costs:
• Bad and hurtful publicity from Trump:
• Change in consumer behaviour:

1. Using their knowledge in production of motorcycles to attract the younger segment and women:
2. Follow market penetration strategy by expanding presence in Asian and EU markets:

1. By developing electrical bicycles, it will allow Harley Davidson to strengthen their otherwise weakened brand:
2. By launching a new company, it will be possible for Harley Davidson to target the young segments and women with different products, different brands:

1. Taking their known brand and expanding into lighter and smaller bikes:
2. Beating competitors by making electric bikes with better quality

1. Adjusting their product line to fit the changing consumer behaviour.
2. Need to produce a product with a strong USP:

The brand name & image of Harley-Davidson: Harley Davidson is not just the most famous motorcycle brand; it is also one of the most legendary and known brands in motorcycle history.

It is known around the world and is a symbol for the US. They are known for their loud motorcycles known as “hogs,” even the company’s ticker symbol is HOG.

• Surprising earnings: Harley released their third quarter earnings, in which the market position was better than expected.

In 1989 they reclaimed around 50% of the heavy bike market share. So, Harley Davidson is doing well when focusing on earnings.

• High quality products: Harley is driven through quality products and classic design. The bikes keep an extremely high-quality standard and are considered to be a luxury brand.

The price range is equivalent with brands as BMW, Ducati, which are considered to be exclusive brands in the motorcycle industry.

The company continuously works on improving the building quality of the motorcycle, to establish a new benchmark.


• Threat of the competition: A massive threat for Harley Davidson is the competition. As several manufacturers are working on developing electric bikes.

ncluding companies such the California based Zero motorcycles. Honda which is the biggest threat against Harley Davidson is selling multiple times more than them

and when the company sold less in 2017 than in 2016, Honda had a significant increase from 2016-2017. Honda also sells their bikes $5400 cheaper.

• High production costs: Harley Davidson is known for their expertise in combustion engines they will have to spend a lot of capital on R&D to develop viable electrical alternative motors.

• Bad and hurtful publicity from Trump: At first the president praised the company, however when they moved the production out of the country to reduce the costs because of the tariffs Trump was not satisfied.

He criticized the firm stating the firm was not satisfying its customers and was not staying true to their brand. He even wanted to work with the competitors.

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