Hansens Flødeis | Noter Afsætning

We have been given the task of making a business case about Hansen's Flødeis ApS. The business case is one interdisciplinary assignment between the subjects Business Economy and Marketing.

The business case consists of one short company characterization of Hansens flødeis ApS, accounting analysis, and then we have analyzed the company's situation via various models and theories from Marketing.

Introduction 2
Company characterization 2
Business model Canvas: 2
Critical success factors 4
- High quality 4
- Environment 4
- Broad selection of goods 4
- Marketing 4
- Season 4
Challenges 6
Proposals for action 6
Market consequences 6
Economic consequences 7
Methodology: 7
Reference list 8

Key partners
• Hansen's Flødeis are close with their partners and suppliers, where they have a great dependence on the raw material that they use in their production.
- Svanholm
- Stensbølgård

• Another important partner is their dealers, which sell Hansen's Flødeis in their businesses. It is mainly retail chains and some restaurants. It is important for Hansen's Flødeis sale of goods and economic progress.

• The last important partner is definitely their transportation. they have a key partnership with some transportation companies that are transporting their goods from factories and to the retail chains and restaurants.

Key activities
• Sell products high-quality to the consumers that want the high-quality products.
• Hansens Flødeis production of good raw materials that results in good outcomes.

Customer value
• Selling products that are high-quality that will satisfy the customer.
• Offer to satisfy service, covering delivery, high-quality, and flexibility.
• They are using expensive raw material that makes the product a better quality.

Customer relationship
• Hansen's Flødeis are using social media to create a good customer relationship, they especially use Facebook and Instagram to tell their customers about their products.

• They just also have a website where consumers can find recipes, watch movies and find a lot of information about their products and company.

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