Gun control laws | Essay | 10 i karakter

The controversial debate about whether or not the gun control legislation in the U.S should be more restricted has been a hot topic for several years now and every time a school shooting or mass shooting happens the debate flares up again.

The American freedom, the second amendment and right to protect oneself and one’s property is a main argument for those against gun laws

but is this freedom worth human lives, when a disturbed person easily and legally can get hold of a gun and kill or injure people wherever and whenever he or she feels like it?

By doing so he tries to show the absurdity in their own arguments and thereby proving his own arguments.

Nick Laure also uses a lot of pathos by using well known examples from real life of mass shootings in clubs, schools by doing that he tries to waken up the gun control opponents.

He tries to convince his opponents that by restricting the access to guns it will lead to preventing some shootings and quickly uses rebuttal by pointing out that he is well aware of the fact that it won’t stop all shootings but might prevent some.

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