Gun control | Essay

Gun control is still a very relevant topic today and it has been for a long time - especially in the united states of America.

Many people want to make it more difficult for American citizens to buy a gun. But many people still want to keep them. That’s why America is so divided today.

the history behind the Bill of Rights and 2nd amendment
For guns
Against guns

These things could cause chaos. But the thing that seems a bit off is the NRA, which stands for National Rifle Association. How the NRA is treating the situations when there has been a school shooting or something tragic where there have been guns involved.

They don’t blame the guns, they blame the person using the gun. Which doesn’t make sense because you cannot kill that many people if you only were allowed to use a knife.

For example, the las vegas shooting where many people were killed, but the perpetrator shot from far away, which would people impossible with the use of a knife.

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