Globalization | Essay | 10 i karakter

Globalization is a big part of our world today. Countries are trading and cooperating across the borders. Our world is developing by the international human, physical, and financial exchange.

It has brought us many goods but if you think about it, globalization has brought us many costs too.

Owners and managers are invading other countries by moving their businesses to another country with the intention of getting cheaper workers and laborers.

It is often late developed countries where the sweatshops are seen. The people in these countries are living under bad circumstances and well as bad working environments.

Globalization has also affected science and technology – it says that over 35 percent of science research articles are the results of international collaborations with researchers from many different countries. Globalization does also affect cultures.

The countries are beginning to look more alike, because of them getting inspired or inspire other countries with their culture. It can be culture about foods, music, traditions, and language.

As Globalization has brought its goods with it, it also has brought its costs. If it was free to trade with one another in the entire world the early developing or under developing countries wouldn’t have a chance by competing with larger economic or well-developed countries.

Globalization could be harmfulto workers and laborers by richer people as owners and managers taking exploit of them to keep them up with demand.

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