”Get Out” by Jordan Peele | Engelsk

The horror film ”Get out” written and directed by Jordan Peele is about a talented young African-American photographer, Chris Washington who visits his white girlfriend´s parents for the weekend. As the weekend progresses, Chris starts noticing disturbing discoveries about the Armitages that leads him to a truth that he never could have imagined, and Chris decides that it is time to get out.

To begin with, the film set in what looks like upstate New York and takes place over a weekend. The setting is the white upper-middle-class liberal elite. In the film the physical setting is mainly Rose parent’s countryside estate isolated from others. The social setting depicts the American society today, which is the most important aspect of the setting in the film because of the message and themes behind.

The film is loaded with symbols and metaphors that remind the audience of slavery and the old South. The first metaphor you see in the film is linked to the African-Americans individualism. A buck is a male deer and it´s referenced to black men who was seen as violent and also stands for how they refused to bow for the white authority. Another metaphor is the tea spoon Missy hypnotized Chris with. Back in the days slave masters used teacups to summon their slaves.

One of the most important metaphors in the film is the sunken place where Chris has no control over himself. The sunken place represents the system suppressing the freedom of African-Americans being silenced by the system no matter how hard they scream. Another central metaphor is when Chris finds himself being strapped to a chair.

He stuffs his ears with cotton in order to survive like the slaves used to back in the old South. In the end we see Rose eating her cereal and milk separately which can be a representation of the separation of keeping white from colours. The milk also symbolizes white supremacy over the African-Americans.

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