Football Made in Nigeria | Analytical essay

The short story “Football Made in Nigeria” from January 2020, written by Uzor Uzoatu, is about the problematics concerning different relations.

Both between a football team and their trainers and more worldwide relations. The story takes place in an impoverished town in Nigeria.

The people living there didn’t know what football was, they just ran around and kicked any roundish object. And they weren’t used to wearing shoes.

The story is written with a first-person narrator, and therefore we see everything through his eyes. This gives the reader a very subjective perception of the narrative.

Also, when the short story is written with a first-person narrator, the story becomes subjective, since you see things from this person's point of view, and this makes the narrator unreliable.

However, as a reader, it’s easier to identify yourself with a first-person narrator which means we feel more empathy for the main character when Coach Clemence is giving the boys a hard time.

We first meet the boys who later become the football players on coach Clemence's team. They make the game sound fun and pleasant - anyone could play and there weren’t a bunch of rules ruining the fun of it.

We then meet Coach Clemence, a white man who appears as a very strict person: “Coach Clemence came with many rules and regulations.” (page 1, line 8)

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