British football | 10 i karakter

1. British football history

2. How has British football changed from being a working-class sport to a billion pounds industry?

3. British football and hooliganism and what initiatives have been carried out to reduce hooliganism

4. British football and racism and initiatives to reduce racism

5. Branding of football and football players

6. Watch Sunderland till I die, Netflix and find out why football is so important to this city. Give examples from the documentary to substantiate your findings.

Hooliganism is the term used to describe violent behaviour connected to sport events.Hooliganism have been there since the beginning of sports, but since 1960sit began to become a serious problem.

In the 1980s hooliganism became associated with the British football supporters, which has resulted in numerous deaths. Both the government and police have done much to prevent and reduce the scale of the British hooliganism.

Even though England has the worst hooliganism problems other countries has similar problems. in the late 19s the concern was mostly about the groups of roughs causing trouble at matches, not only by attacking opposing supporters but also the players.

In conjunction with other moral panic such as new youth cultures and growing racial tension football stadiums became identified as public spaces where large scale threatening displays and fights could be staged.

In the 1960s football violence was much worse in other Europeancountries than UK, but in the early 1960s the football league sought to pull English teams out of European competitions in fear of violence.

In the 1960 s to 70s the violence has been moved outside stadiums and nearly all large-scale football violence occurred outside the stadiums.

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