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English football fans are accused of running riot in the streets of Portugal just a week after the Football Association launched a new video campaign titled “Don’t Be That Idiot”.

The video was released ahead of the Uefa Nations League finals in Portugal, where riot police have been called out to deal with hooligans causing chaos in the coastal city of Porto.

The rise of the ‘firms’
The turning point
A new generation?

Violence at football matches has been a feature of English life since the formation of the first leagues in the 19th century

and was a natural by-product of fierce team rivalries and a drinking culture that made the pub as important a venue as the stadium for many fans.START YOUR FREE TRIALSTART YOUR FREE TRIAL

However, in the 1960s, these sporadic outbursts of spontaneous violence gave way to semi-organised bouts between rival “firms”.

By the 1970s, “each club had its own hard core of violent young men whose prime purpose each week was not to watch their team play but to confront the crew of the rival club”

says The Sunday Post. Stadiums, trains and town centres became “perilous places to be on a Saturday afternoon”, the Scottish newspaper adds.

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