Essay – bullying

Bullying had been an everyday thing and it takes place in every part of the world. Bullying happens at any age and there are some terrible followers. Just take 20 seconds of your precious time to read these statics: One out of four teenagers in the UK says bullying affects their studies and even made their grades go down.

The followers cost also lives because 10 % had tried to commit suicide. The problem of bullying had been discussed a lot, but is it even possible to minimize the number of people who get bullied? But first of all - what is bullying exactly?

Bullying comes in different ways. There is always a victim who can experience anything from called names, shoved around, receiving spiteful messages to get frozen out of a group.

The list is endless and so the consequences. When you have been a victim one time or over a long period it has had an influence on you.

Rebecca Parkin has got bullied since she was six years old. She had harmed herself because she felt it was the only way to release her pain. Rebecca is not the first who had harmed herself. Nearly every third person use harming as a weapon against the toughness.

Rebecca is also an example where the grades had been affected. Rebecca grades had gone down because she was in school physically but not mentally.

Therefore, she has moved school and her grades began to rise. The reason why Rebecca had been treated in the way she had been, is according to herself because of her autism. Her diagnose had an influence on how she relates and communicates with others. Therefore, she had been called names and throw water at. But is that a reason for getting bullied?

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