Engelsk hhx 12 | The Past; A Tool or a Barrier

A second chance does not mean to undo and forget about the past. The past is a tool that we all can use to move forward and improve ourselves. But as much as the past is a tool, it is as much a barrier, stopping us from moving on and regaining ourselves.

Not only are we, humans, afraid of failure, but we are afraid also of disappointment. Disappointment can show in multiple shapes and forms but will regardless cause displeasure by the non-fulfilled expectations.

Ex-convicts are constantly met by slammed doors and discrimination because of their past. Their past now is not a tool, it is a barrier obstructing them from achieving their life’s purpose.

Nothing about the Texan prisonsissustainable, and this prison system is seen all over the United States of America.

The consequences do not only circulate around money but also about the individual and their ability to become employed and provide for their family, while at the same time making restitution .

That is a statement that a Michigan company, Butterball Farms, can agree with. They have shown a track record of hiring former prisoners, Jimmy Erickson being one of them .

Erickson’s past did not cause limitations in terms of his job at Butterball Farms, and instead, it has given him the opportunity to prove himself to the company and community, but mostly to himself.

Butterball Farm is representing a growing number of companies whichare willingly hiring former inmates, thus providing them with the ability to cross the barrier of their past and improve.

Target, Home Depot, and Walmart have all joined in passing “ban the box” legislation which is referring to checking a box to indicate whether who have a criminal record when applying for a job .

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