Engelsk | Birdsong

Sebastian Faulk’s story ‘’birdsong’’ centers around a young man named Michael Wier. As a part of the assignment, we as a reader are shown the young man’s first look at his home and his parent’s greeting after his return from the First World War.

Michael Wier is the focal point of the story. Everything he does, we either feel or see. When he returns home from the war, he is not welcomed properly by any of his parents. The one which opens the door up for him is the maid of the family. She doesn’t even recognize him. This might be because she hasn’t seen him before.

The mother of Michael is introducing shortly after the father. She wasn’t home when Michael arrived home, as she was at choir practice. This could indicate that she was too scared to greet Michael as he was returning from war. It could also indicate that she hides from the reality by always doing something else. Compared to the father, the mother is a lot more open to Michael. She mentions that she thinks he looks a bit thin, which Michael later on ‘’approves’’ because he isn’t able to fit into his old clothes.

She is able to show her mother love to him by kissing him on the cheek. The father on the other hand has a manlier way of expressing himself and refuses to discuss feelings. The mother asks if Michael wants to eat some food and says that she’ll get the maid to put it on the dining room for him. This means that Michael will have to eat his cold dinner all alone in the dining room, and this just shows how cruelly the parents are treating him. The won’t even serve their son hot food, and even serving it themselves.

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