Effect of Facebook

How does our social media affect our life? And could it be possible that a media like Facebook could be harmless?

Facebook is the biggest platform for social media in the world and has around 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook is good at reaching out to people with a statement or just to catch an old buddy or make a new one.

In 2020 almost every teen has Facebook, but according to Larry Rosen Facebook can be harmful. According to him, spending too much time on Facebook can lead to personality disorder, stomach aches, sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety. And an average teen sends around 2000 messages per month, only one social media. The big number and use of Facebook might not be healthy and good for the teen. A teen from Chicago developed carpal tunnel syndrome, and he needed wrist braces and pain medication.

One of the main reasons why I think Facebook has become so popular is that kids nowadays are getting raised with focus on connections. And instead of just talking to one person at a time, teens now make group calls so they can talk with hundreds at a time.

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