Hello! And welcome to my 5-minute presentation. Today I want to talk about drug addiction. Drug addiction is something which has been a known problem for multiple decades.

5-minute presentation on Drug addiction:
- Why did I choose this topic?
- How do drugs work?
- What exactly is drug abuse and what are some of the most abused drugs?
- What are some of the reasons people try drugs?
- Conclusion:

How do drugs work? Drugs are pretty much poison and the amount of drugs taken determines the effect and consequences on you.

Small amount: A small amount of drugs acts as a kind of stimulant, which “speeds you up”. Greater amount: A greater amount of drugs that you’ve consumed act as a sedative

which slows you down or eventually make you fall asleep. And I’m pretty sure as we all know that if you take too much these poisons will eventually kill you because of an overdose.