Company history 3
- The founder of the company 3
- Stories behind the company 3
- Past successes and milestones 3
- Challenges they have overcome 3
Products, product range 3
- Description of products/services 3
- Technology 4
- Product development and innovation 4
Market, customers, distribution 5
- Supply chain 5
- Competitors 5
- Distribution 5
- End users 5
Organisation and strategy 5
- Mission, the company´s purpose 5
- Social responsibilities, CSR 5
- Values 6
Financial performance 6

The founder of the company
The founder of Dodge is the Dodge brothers Horace and John Dodge

Stories behind the company
In 1900 the Dodge brothers founded a company which manufactured precision engines and chassis, since there was a growing demand for automobiles.

Ford chose them to manufacture some of their parts. The Dodge brothers got offered 10% for 10.000$ (311.000$ 2020) worth of car parts.

Ford later bought back their shares for 25$ million (594.000.000 2020). They also worked with Oldsmobile which gave them reputation for good quality. It was in 1913 the company Dodge was founded and in 1914 they released their first car.

It was the dodge model 30-35 touring car. It was a competitor against Fords model T. The Dodge cars were also used in the Military and won acclaim for durability in military service. The cars were used for both world wars.

Past successes and milestones
After they released their first car two years later, they were ranked second for sales in the U.S. It was also in 1916 their cars got acclaim in the military.

In 1920 the brothers died. In 1921 Dodge Brothers expanded its truck line and became a leading builder of light trucks. In 1925 the company was sold to the investment group Dylan

Read & co for 146$ mil, which was the biggest money transaction in the history. They got a new board chairman in 1926 E.G Wilmer. In 1927 they launched the new six-cylinder line. In 1928 Dodge was sold to Chrysler.

In 1930 they made an eight-cylinder line. 5 years later dodge produced their 3 millionth car. In 1947 Dodge have 6.52% of the market in the US. 1989 dodge has 75-year anniversary.

In 2011 Dodge have a product renaissance as they completely redesign six vehicles in the span of a couple of months. In the start of 2014 Dodge is the fastest growing American automaker and it is also the companies 100-year anniversary.