Digging in the trash | Engelsk

Society does not need inequality. It needs mobility, so there is a minor gap between rich and poor.

The gap between rich and poor is one of the biggest concerns in today’s society and limits equal rights as an individual. One of the foundations of our society is that everyone should be considered equal.

David Joy explains this in the essay “Digging in the trash,” delivered by the magazine The Bitter Southerner and is published the July 2017.

Through a perspective of his own life, Joy explains the poor people as being a parallel society compared to the rich.

The author David Joy includes information about himself in the essay. He uses personal stories to convey his arguments.

From these personal stories, we found out that Joy comes from a poor background. “My father didn’t have it easy growing up. Some of his earliest memories are in a one-bedroom shack he called the rat house where he was afraid to go to sleep”.

Both his father and grandfather struggled with poverty. His grandfather was an alcoholic and had a rough life. He faced numerous difficulties in his life, survived cancer and fought in World War II. All this leading to Joy farther raised by an aunt.

However, Joy did not grow up in the same poverty as his dad and grandfather. “I don’t remember ever thinking that I was better than the kids I played with because I lived in a house and they lived in trailers.” Even though he was better off, he still lived in a house next to a trailer park.

Joy did not look down on the kids from the trailer park because they came from a worse background than him. This example of the differences between social heritage suggests that the author believes in equality.

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