Dead Man Running turned News – Analysis | Essay

Another one falls victim to the on-going drug wars, as yet another leader of the business is shot to death. Friday morning the police dis-covered the body of a man, shot to death through the heart. He was lying, smeared red, in a puddle of blood, in an alley in Baltimore. Coroners have determined the wound to be from the previous night, and the victim’s identity has been confirmed. For privacy rea-sons his name is limited to ‘Mr. Ortiz’ or ‘Red Man’, a 27-year-old affluent male, with a record of being in-volved in a series of drug dealing. He bears the proof in the form of scars. “His left arm has old scars consistent with needle pricks, and a bullet is lodged in his left lung, from an old wound, now covered in a clump of scar tissue.” As said by Michelle Känz, who di-rected the team of coroners.

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