Cyberbullying | Essay | Engelsk

In today’s world cyberbullying is a big problem, because the technology today is so prevalent. There is nothing you can’t do behind the screen, and that makes it a lot easier to writhe stupid and horrible things on the internet.

Actually, the big question isn’t who writhes the stupid things, but why. And why do people become cyberbullies?

Cyberbullies don’t have to be strangers. It can also be someone you know, even some of your friends. But you can’t always see them behind the screen. And that’s a disadvantage.

In general, cyberbullies behavior causes their own problems. Maybe they have low self-esteem, and for some people it helps them boost their own ego, if they spread hate comments.

Other cyberbullies do it for entertainment. They find it funny to exhibit others, maybe just to get attention, no matter if its good or bad. It’s hard to believe, but some people just don’t even know how wrong it is.
They don’t know the pain they are causing others. Unfortunately, a lot of good personalities is hiding behind the low self-esteem and insecurities. And in some cases, this is why people become cyberbullies.

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