The film “Boyz n the hood” is an American drama-film from 1993. The film is written and instructed by John Singleton and produced by Steve Nicolaides .

This analytical essay will analyze the protagonist, Tre Styles, who is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and analyze the setting.

The film is a about a group of boys that has been raised together in the slums. We see how they are being raised individually. Tre is sent to live with his father as a kid. His father lives across a woman and her two boys.

The protagonist Tre is an African American boy. He is living by his mother as a kid, but because he gets into a fight in school his mother, Reva, sends him to live with his Dad, Furious, so that he can mature and become a man .

His Mother thinks it is a good idea because Tre is very intelligent but has a big temper. Tre´s big role model is his father. He has a lot of respect for him, we see that on the first night were Tre moved I with him.

They are talking about his chores and although he may not agree with him, we can tell by the look of his face that he is happy that his father is present in his life, unlike others.