Analysis of Anabel

Anabel is a short story, written in 2009 by American author Kathryn Stockett. Showing the conditions and experiences of black housemaids in white households in Jackson, Mississippi, during the early 1960s.
During this essay I will analyze the short story Anabel using CAIP.

We are seeing this story from Anabel’s point of view, she is a first-person narrator of this story and she is also the main character. Anabel is a black woman working as a housemaid in a white household.

This narrator is reliable because it’s told by one that experienced how it was like to be in a white household in the 60s, but because it’s a first-person narrator then it’s only told from her point of view, so we have to have an opened mind because it’s only seen from once perspective and not an all-knowing narrator.

But then again if this story was seen from Miss Leefolts point of view then we won’t have the same story, because we know at that time it was very ordinary for a white household to have African American women as housemaids, and if the lady of the house wasn’t pleased with the housemaid’s work or thought that the housemaid had done something wrong even if she hadn’t.

If that was the case the lady of the house might take a piece out of the housemaid’s salary, then the housemaid average salary wasn’t very high.

This story is fiction, but the settings are described as it takes place in the real world and the reason it’s done that way is, so it seems more credible. The text describes how it was like to work as a black housemaid in a white household in the 1960s.

The texts describe the environment as wealthy but not rich and the story only occurs in Miss and Mr. Leefolts house. Anabel was used to work in big houses, but Miss and Mr. Leefolt don’t have the biggest house [line 76 to 83] and that tells us that it isn’t the richest neighborhood or environment.

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