‘The Red Line’ by Charles Higson | Analysis

In this particular short story “The Red Line” written by Charles Higson in 1993, we hear about a life changing story through three different people’s perspectives, and how the modern society has affected them.

The title “The Red Line” means that the story takes place in the underground in London, we know that because there is a red line in London where you can take the train in the underground. The story is divided into chapters, the first chapter’s name is “Oval”.

In the short story “The Red Line” we meet three different characters. The first person we meet is nameless.

He seems to have good self-confidence; we hear a lot about his appearance and how perfect he is. “ He had no body hair. Every Friday evening, standing naked before his full-length mirror, he made sure of it.

His fingers stroked and probed his skin, and with tweezers, razor and depilatory cream he removed any offending growth. Clean armpits, no ugly squiggles on his chest, no pubic hair polluting his penis and testicles.”.

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