A Stench of Kerosene | 10 i karakter

Marriage relationships are so important in societies however marriage represents the fundamental part of the society so ruining it, is the same as ruining the whole society.

People should think twice before getting married, marriage should always be out of love and not out of any other materialistic things.

The Indian man is too weak to defend his love against customs and traditions, which is the main problem of the story’s conflict. Customs and traditions should have less interference in people’s lives.

Manak was unhappy with his second wife. ‘’Manak’s body responded to the new woman. But his heart was dead within him” (l.24-25 p.7)

Another day he meets a friend who is called Bhavani he tells him that he’s going to Chamba. The next day, Bhavani comes back and tells Manak that Guleri has burnt herself by setting fire to her body using kerosene, after she knew about Manak’s second marriage.

After that Manak suffered from depression, grief, and sorrow. His second wife gets pregnant. But the new baby could not help his depressed father. As once when he is holding the baby in his arms he turns crazy and says that the child smells of kerosene.

Furthermore, Manak the Indian weak man he could not defend his love against his mother’s desires and against the Indian customs.

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