A Royal Salute to the Commonwealth

If we go back in time. Back when the mighty British empire was at its highest, this could easily become our reality again if Peter Osborne were the man in charge.

An idea of a union consisting of the countries that were ruled under the British empire has over the last decades gained support.

It is an idea where a union better known as the Commonwealth of nations. This idea was formed in 1931. By the British parliament.

The Commonwealths role is different from what the advocates would like it to have been. The commonwealth has not reached the point where the countries in the union got a close relation and achieved its former power and glory back yet.

The real intended role of the Commonwealth is to get a new set of values, replacing those in place at the time. “This was because the Commonwealth never fitted into New Labors relentless modernizing vision.”

And one of the most important role and idea of the commonwealth was to bring back the British Empire to its former glory and power. Back in the colonies times where the British empire was the most powerful and influential in the entire world.

The advocates want the countries to return to its former strength. This is shown on inline 16. “Such is the invisible strength of the Commonwealth”.

This is properly the most essential part of the whole idea of the commonwealth. Since many of the commonwealth’s people dreamed about the former status and power, the power they had at their hands is mentioned at line 31.

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