A dirty little secret | Engelsk opgave

Is facial recognition an issue? Some might say that it is offensive to make use of facial recognition without people’s consent.

Facial recognition is a new form of technology, which can scan faces and identify people from only a digital image. But there are a lot of unclear points surrounding this “facial recognition”.

Is it legal? Does it offend the public too much? And is it necessary? In Britain, they now have a “dirty little secret”, because they seem to make most of the citizen's prospects for their police search by using facial recognition without the people’s consent or permission.


Today most of the world knows facial recognition as the face-feature-unlocking-technique on the new iPhones which scans your face and identifies you to unlock the iPhone.

In the United States, facial recognition is used to identify non-U. S citizens, who may fraudulently present a valid U.S passport or other travel documents. The facial recognition is also used to identify any wanted or searched for individuals who may be on the run.

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