‘2BR02B’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The short story ”2BR02B” by Kurt Vonnegut was written in 1962. The story is a tale of a future where the main problem is world overpopulation.

The language in this short story is modest and easy to understand. The sentences differ in length, and Vonnegut does not use difficult words, that would be able to make the story more difficult to understand.

Vonnegut has used different narrative techniques, to make the short story more appealing in terms of language and style.

The painter has a major role in the story. He’s painting a mural, which is called The Happy Garden of Life. The mural that the painter is working on at the beginning of the story symbolizes what the world is going through.

The picture shows some people dressed in white, planting seeds, spraying bugs and spreading fertilizer. This could symbolize the doctors and nurses bringing new people into the world.

There are also people dressed in purple painted in the picture. These people are pulling weeds and cutting down dead plants and this could symbolize the people assigned to remove people from the world.

It is all very orderly and organized, and there are no expressions of feelings or regrets in the mural.

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