Wild Pork and Watercress | Analyse | Barry crump | 10 i Karakter

Wild Pork and Watercress is a story written by Barry crump. The book tells the story about Ricky and his Uncle Hec, and all their adventures.

Ricky is a teenager who has been moved from foster family to foster family throughout his whole life.

In this quote, Ricky describes himself as a “fat Maori boy”. It gives the reader a feeling that Ricky is not too confident about his looks and being a “fat Maori boy”.

It also gives the reader a feeling that he feels like an outsider, since he is not used to the feeling of being accepted or fitting in.

Later in the story, Ricky seems to have grown more confident about himself. Being out in the bush results in Ricky losing a lot of weight, which he seems to be significantly happy about.

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