Why the arguments against gun control are wrong

The American gun control is a topic which will be debated for what seems to be forever.

That is because of people’s various views. You can find people, who support the right to bear guns, and you can find people, who are strongly opposed to the right to bear guns.

In the United States of America, people value the whole freedom aspect, and with the second amendment to the united states constitution, many people would see it as a loss of liberty, if they lost their rights to carry guns and to protect themselves.

The article “Why the arguments against gun control are wrong” was written by David Edward Burke. He has listed five arguments against gun control, and he then tells the reader why these arguments cannot be used in a debate regarding gun control.

David uses irony and sarcasm in his article. At (P4 L28-30) he is joking about the average number of guns owned per household.

By using irony and sarcasm, you get a casual and relaxed relation to the writer. Humor can also be used, when you are speaking of a “taboo” such as the Las Vegas massacre which involved a lot of casualties, because it lightens the atmosphere.

The language in the article is easily readable for people without the greatest knowledge as regards the US and gun control. He comes across as a trustworthy guy, and that is mainly due to his way of using counter-arguments.

He breaks them down step by step in a logical way. Throughout the article, David uses Logos and Ethos. He often appeals to common sense, and as a reader, you almost cannot fail to see the logic.

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