Summary of Zachary Stockill’s “Why So Many Rock Stars Die at 27”

The article covers a couple of topics. The article starts out by explaining the meaning behind the well-known phrase “The 27 Club.”

“The 27 Club” refers to Rockstar’s, or musicians in the “Rock n Roll” genre, who have died at 27 or younger.

They show examples of different musicians/Rockstar’s who have died at 27 years old or earlier in their life. A study Is shown which indicates that Rockstar’s are more likely to die earlier on, then non-Rockstar’s.

The article believes the reasoning behind this is because many Rockstar’s have had a rough childhood, and the fact that most Rockstar’s have an available pharmacy, wherever they go.

Many Rockstar’s are also inspired to write music, that has a deeper meaning from their personal lives, which could also be why they rely on drugs to heal the pain.


He stays logical and supports his sentences with data and studies, instead of relying on feelings. He brings in many sources that vary from articles to books, such as “The 27 Club” book by Howard Sounes.

In the article, we don’t feel like Zachary has his own personal opinion about the subject. This is important, because when the sender behind the article has a strong opinion about the subject

it can lead to them spreading false information or trying to sympathize with the reader, which can be harmful when trying to inform others.

On the other hand, Zachary does state, “While rock n' roll might not "kill," per se, the rock n' roll lifestyle does, and those most drawn to the rock lifestyle are most likely to push it too far.”

This shows that Zachary isn’t personally a fan of the rock star lifestyle, as he believes those drawn to it are likely to push it too far. Despite this belief, it is still clear to us that Zachary Stockill’s intention is to inform us about the 27 club.