What does it mean to be British?

Every single country has its own culture and its own values, which make a country unique and those values are what is really bringing the people together in a society. Britain also has their own values, which make the British people British. But what does it mean to be British?

In relation to the different views in the text, the different attitudes are to a great extent influenced by the person's background and current life situation. In particular, the opinions of retirees are based on the country's old values and British culture. Therefore, their point of view is particularly marked by a hatred of foreigners.

They are in no doubt about what they stand for and see no reason to change things. Many of the immigrants, from the text, describe in particular how the difference between the races is in the area as well as how they experienced the situation as new in the country. Their point of view on being British is almost not about British culture, but rather how they handled the situation as being new in a country with two different cultures to relate to.

Being British means that you only relate to the British values as well as the culture that is in the country. If you are British, then you are proud of the British traditions and the strengths the country possesses. In Britain, The Royal House is world famous and it is the heart of British culture that people are willing to pay a lot of money to be allowed to experience.
These things are something every true British citizen is proud to be a part of. The Royal House is deeply integrated into British history and therefore has great significance for British culture. Especially in relation to how you behave and act in British society. But as more different cultures are introduced into British society, will these cultures eventually take over?

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