Victory Speech | Analyse | Kamala Harris | 12 i Karakter

Kamala Harris’ triumphant speech in Wilmington, Delaware is a powerful and inspiring act. She addresses the nation as a leader who is ready to tackle the most urgent problems and fight for the proliferation of the country.

Harris especially emphasizes two significant notions that run through her entire performance: democracy and work.

The use of logos can also be seen in Harris’ speech. It becomes especially persuasive when she overviews the historical events and changes in American politics to explain how her victory was made possible.

She focuses on women’s fight for equality and representation in the government and public affairs, admiring their efforts and contributions to modern democracy:

All the women who have worked to secure and protect the right to vote for over a century, 100 years ago with the 19th Amendment, 55 years ago with the Voting Rights Act

and now in 2020 with a new generation of women in our country, who cast their ballots and continue the fight for their fundamental right to vote and be heard.3

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