US Immigration History | Engelsk HHX

The US immigration history is a huge topic, because that it is a period that are stretching over many years. It also includes many different cultures and a lot of different countries is involved. The immigrations is a very big part of the US history, because so many inhabitants have ancestors that are immigrants to the US, or are foreign born themselves. Many are maybe second or third generation immigrants.

Americans history started with Columbus traveling overseas to discover new land. He brought with him weapons and soldiers, so when he got to shore he was ready to discover the land. The weapons from Europe was way stronger than the wood weapon that they still had in Amerika, so he took over the power easily in many small villages. He then travelled op the coast, and founded a trading post, that we now know as New York. When the British people first came to Amerika, they started selling tobacco, and discovered a huge market for that.

After many years of open borders to America, allowing anyone to immigrate to the US, they made a limit for the numbers of immigrants per year. The Immigration Act of 1924, closed the borders for immigrants. Along with the Immigration Act, came a quota system, that made a maximum of immigrants from each country. That gave the US the opportunity to use which countries they would prefer immigrating to America.

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