Two different views on illegal immigration | Engelsk Stil

Good evening fellow international students here at the University of London., I am very happy to be here today.

My name is Sophia, and I am also currently studying at this university. I have been asked to give a speech, about illegal immigration in the United States.

My talk will focus on three main areas. In the first part I would like to account for what immigration is and look at how it has an effect on the U.S.

The employment-based immigration can be accessed by immigrants who sign a contract with a company in the United States. This visa is only legal, while the person is in a working position and is not at lifelong visa.

The heart of Donald’s Trumps campaign for winning the election in 2016, was to reshape the immigration rules and keep the immigrants out of the country. This also remained as a very important topic for him when he won the election.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S Trump did not hesitate banning immigrants from permanent residence saying he was doing it to protect American workers during the shutdown.

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