US Culture from a satirical point of view

The Salad Bowl Theory: Adaption

  • Immigrants keep their own basic beliefs and ways of life while adapting to the general characteristics of the culture.
  • People from different countries mix together but do not give up on their own culture to become part of the new culture.
  • Calls for us to celebrate our diversity along with our oneness.
    The Melting Pot Theory: Assimilation

    • Requires that immigrants assimilate in order to become one common culture
      • Assimilation: the minority culture gives up or is forced to become like the dominant culture. There is a loss of culture of the minority group.
    • People from different countries blend into one American culture, which then in turn is shaped by the people blending in.
    • Makes it easier for people to identify what is specifically ‘American’
    • The ”American”You can be a Danish American or a Mexican American or even a Chinese American.

US Immigration and Multiculturalism 3
Immigrants and the American Dream 6
Racism in the US 10
America’s Gun Culture 13
Freedom of Speech and Religion in the US 22
America’s Consumerist Culture 25

Before dawn six days a week, Norma Ulloa left the two-bedroom apartment she shared with four family members and boarded a bus that took her to a stifling factory on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles.

She spent 11 hours a day there, pinning Forever 21 tags on trendy little shirts and snipping away their loose threads in the one-room workshop. On a good day, the 44-year-old could get through 700 shirts.

That work earned Ulloa about $6 an hour, well below minimum wage in Los Angeles, according to a wage claim she filed with the state.

Ulloa’s claim is one of nearly 300 filed since 2007 by workers demanding back pay for producing Forever 21 clothing, according to a Los Angeles Times review of nearly 2,000 pages of state labor records.

Sewing factories and wholesale manufacturers have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle those workers’ claims. Forever 21 has not had to pay a cent.

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