Summary of documentary | Peter Jones meets Lord Karan

Peter meets Charlie Mullins who chairman and the founder of the largest plumbing company in the UK, and Lord Karan Bilimoria who is the founder of Cobra Beer.

They are very open and talk about their past, but they also talk honestly about all the good times as well as the bad times in which they have built their happiness.

Peter studies the two personalities that he meets, to see if there is something built into their DNA that makes them both more successful.

Peter Jones Chatted with Charlie Mullins. Charlie Mullins admitted that his London-bases company Pimlico Plumbers had almost been closed, but by 2012 its value was estimated at £55 million.

Charlie Mullins is the son of a factory worker father and a barman. He grew up and left school without a degree at the age of 15.

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