Spilled Salt – Myrna & Kenny

Section A – Summary:
Section B – Essay:

The short story “spilled Salt” is about a mother, named Myrna, whose son, Kenny, returns home from prison. After a conviction for rape, he has been inside for four years.
When Kenny returns home, Myrna does not seem happy to see him again and would rather have been without.
During the four years Kenny has been in prison, Myrna has had many thoughts about how or if to forgive her son for his illegal behaviour; a crime, she thinks, he might commit again.
In the beginning of Kenny´s prison time, she visits him. But because Kenny refuses to answer her questions about the outrage, she realizes that she has to find the responses somewhere else. She finds peace of mind in the church and accepts Kenny´s crime as the will of God.
One night, Myrna decides to go away for a week and leaves a note, saying that Kenny has to be gone when she returns home, because she, at this moment, cannot find the strength to be his mother.

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