School shootings | Engelsk opgave

Why did i choose this topic?
What is the reason for school shootings?
How can we stop school shootings?

The only way to stop a school shooting is to show everyone respect and treat everyone with respect. Because school shootings happens a lot in America, more young people die or get injured. But because there are groups it is a problem if you want to join and be part of a community.

That's why we need to show people more respect. People react differently and some people don't care if anyone else dies in the process as long as they shoot the ones bullying him. Where other people can't get them self to it and they commit suicide because they can't handle it anymore.

The other way to stop school shootings is to make it harder to buy a gun. They shouldn't just sell guns to everyone who comes in the store. People with issues might take advantage of it, and by that, I mean if someone who has mental issues comes in and buys a gun, who knows what he can do. Set the gun prices up so it's not that easy to buy and check their history.

And everyone in schools will not be able to buy a gun until they finish. And every parent with a kid in school has to secure the gun so the kid can't take it from them. In that way, it will be a lot harder for people in schools to get guns.

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