In the short story “Same Same but Different” written by Anne Hayden in 2016 the female narrator is sitting on a date with a man, she encountered on an online dating site, called Luke. During the date, she is distracted by a song leading her thoughts back to memories of her deceased twin sister Molly.

Fabricating a toothache, the narrator leaves the café and roams the streets of Melbourne reminiscing about times with Molly.

The narrator reconsiders her choice of changing her appearance and moving to Australia in an attempt to escape the surroundings reminding her of her loss back in Dublin.

After an unsuccessful escape from an old school friend, the narrator gets her hair dyed back to normal and messages Luke. They meet several days later and while talking concerning moving to Dublin, she mentions the death of her sister.

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The structure of the short story contains a main story in Australia beginning in medias res and containing dialog and text messages interrupted by flashbacks in form of sudden thoughts leading back to memories revolving the death of her sister.

The effective usage of panoramic presentation in the narratives taking place in Australia symbolizes the narrator’s rumination and indicates the fact, that she experiences complications with focusing on the present leading the time to pass expeditiously: ”I have my head in the clouds thinking about all this as I’m walking around but soon I find myself stopped outside a hair salon I’d seen a few days ago.

I suppose I’ve been making my way here all along” (ll. 120-122).

The change of setting and time is constructed through the narrator’s continuous comparisons between Melbourne, Dublin, and New York, which in addition elucidate the narrator’s dilemma: “Hip-hop music is spilling out from a window, and between that and the street art I could be back in New York again” (ll. 136-137)