‘Rendezvous’ by Daniel Ransom | Analysis

- Kim
- Payton
What I think happens after Kim enters the car?

Kim is a 15-year-old girl who goes through the teenager phase of wanting to be independent.

She is tired of her parents treating her like a little girl so she runs away to prove a point, To show them she can take care of herself.

The only food she has with her are granolas and a quarter of an apple but she would much more prefer to eat hamburgers and drink soda. In the text it say she has slender hands so I assume she is skinny. She also likes listening to good music.

Kim is a rebellious teenager. She is a very brave girl and maybe a little reckless to run away from her parents just to make a point. This also shows her wish to be more independent.


Payton is young man. He is physically described with a thin mouth, dark quick eyes, long dirty hair and a cobra tattoo on his left bicep.

He drinks beer while driving Pontiac Firebird. Payton mentions confessing something to a priest which could mean he is catholic.

He doesn’t understand why the priest isn’t more sympathetic of his situation. We get to know in the text that he sent flowers and visited the funeral homes three out of five times.

So something bad he must have done and that he doesn’t understand why the priest understand him show that he doesn’t have bad conscience or any other feelings about what he might have done. It indicates psychopathic traits.

Payton is a man that acts very impulsively and he likes to live in the moment. We can see how he lives reckless from his habits of speeding and drinking beer after beer while driving.

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