Serval people share the opinion that “development” has become a buzzword in the past few decades. Some might even argue that the world is divided into a “developed” and “underdeveloped” world.

But what even is a “developed” world? We tend to consider development in purely western and monetary terms, without considering cultural norms or cultural differences.

Typically, the developed world includes Western countries, while the underdeveloped world encompasses former colonies in the Global South in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Through the outer characterization of Neville, the reader acclimates information about the main character. ,The outer characterization ofwhereas Neville reveals that he is an English writer of travel guidebooks (P.2, l.45).

The reader also gets to know that Neville’s wife has abandoned him. In the short story it is depicted that Neville ends up living in a village located in Nepal.

Neville believes that the people of the village are naturally welcoming and hospitable, in constrast to people from the Western worldm who he finds more arrogant and selfish..

However, little does Neville know the fact thatt, the people of the village are , invested in treating him kindly

in conclusion due to hopes ofto getting included in a tourist guidebook, resulting in a new tourist attraction for other people to come and visit, which was the villagers’ real intentions-.

Moreover, the story r, Neville’s inner characterization also reveals information about him, and it is conveyed through his actions and his thoughts towards the society in Nepal and the Western societyy.