Michelle Obama speech | Analysis

Assignment 3
Assignment 4B
Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention 2020

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The U.S election is on the way, and Michelle Obama decides to speak about her thoughts on the presidential election.

In her speech, she makes the decision to speak her mind about the presidential election, offering clear views, points, and praises to the American people.

She portrays Donald Trump as a villain, while highlighting his carelessness while dealing with the pandemic. Michelle Obama makes it clear, that she needs people to go great lengths to vote, and most importantly, vote for Joe Biden.

The speech takes place at the Democratic National Convention 2020, where she is giving a speech, from her own home.

Although the video’s background is blurred, it appears that she is in her living room, and the fact that the room is decorated in a relaxed manner, makes her seem more like a natural person, which appeals to the audience’s pathos.

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