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My name is Christian Jørgensen. I am a 19 years old entrepreneur who has a dream about minimizing all food waste globally. That’s why I have turned up today. I want to tell you about how big of a problem food waste are, and hopefully inspire you to help eliminating this problem.

Globally one third of all food is wasted which is the same as 1.3bn tons food.
This is due to 45% of all fruit and vegetables, and 20% of all meat are wasted. To put the food waste in perspective, just by saving 25% would feed all malnourished in the world. In the UK alone we waste about 50 billions tons of food in the industry which cost 5 billions ponds. This is huge numbers, that none of you can relate to.

So it is obvious that most of the food waste I happening at the household, but what can be done to the whole problem. A simple tip could be a look on the “food waste recycling”. The steps goes like this: Plan ahead, but what you need, store correct, cook the right amount, eat it all or store leftovers for later and recycle what you can not eat. Yes, it is as simple as that just to “make the most of it”. But a costumer we could also change our look on “wonky veg” and choose that instead of the other vegetables. Studies from Asda show that 65% of their costumers are willing to buy wonky veg . So why not but that in the stores, and save those foods instead of letting it go to waste. In that way the retailers would save money, and actually make a better business by doing this. A way to improve the sale of wonky veg could be trough-marketing campaigns. Improving the sight on the wonky veg trough the marketing would also show a positive site of them. Therefor this would be a win-win. Being a leader towards a world without food waste would defiantly give you more costumers, because they know that they are supporting something good.

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