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In “Leftovers” by Nickolas Butler, Mason and Renee are cleaning Mason’s mother’s house after the mother's death. Mason recalls how his wife and his mother always disliked each other.

He thinks about how much he always liked his mother’s food, and he would come to dinner at her house alone or with Renee, who disliked the woman’s cooking.

The short story “Leftovers” by Nickolas Butler is structured around the inner conflict of a man named Mason who loves his wife but is unhappy because he feels rejected by her.

Reading the short story, we discover that the title has both a practical and a symbolical role. On the one hand, it refers to the food leftovers in Mason’s mother’s fridge

as the characters clean the woman’s house after her death: “I’m just going to throw these leftovers away, Renee says. I mean, this is disgusting.” (l. 20).

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