The Butler – Analyse – Engelsk aflevering

Before watching

Find information about the following persons/events (they are all mentioned/they all play a role in the movie):
- What does segregation mean and how was it practiced in the southern states of America? Give specific examples. You are also welcome to include pictures.
- Who were Emmett Till and Mamie Till?
- Who was Earl Warren?
- Why did President Eisenhower send troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957?
- What was the Civil Rights Movement struggling to achieve?
- Who was the leading figure of the Civil Rights Movement, and what do you know about him/her?
- Find out what the Freedom Rides were.
- Explain the Black Panther movement.

After watching:
- How do the events in Cecil’s childhood at the cotton farm influence him?
- Comment on the relationship between black and white people as portrayed in the movie. Give specific examples to illustrate your points.
- Cecil is told that black people have two faces – ’ours and the one we show the white folks’. What does that mean?
- Make a character analysis of Cecil, and remember to give specific examples from the movie to illustrate your arguments.
- Explain the most obvious differences between Cecil’s two sons Louis and Charlie, and characterize the relationship between Cecil and Louis.
- Characterize Cecil’s wife Gloria and – in this connection – the development that she goes through during the movie.
- What do you see as the most important event that Cecil witnesses – and why?
- “The Butler” is based on the true story of Eugene Allen, who worked as a butler in the White House for about 34 years. How does the dramatization (the movie) differ from the true story? Mention some of the most relevant points.
- Relate this movie to at least one other “thing” that we have read or seen in our English classes.
- What did you like/not like about the movie?

There is an established relationship of black being inferior to the whites. The relationships between black and white people is a product of the society. African americans were seen as lesser citizens and whites as the most important citizens.

This is showcased throughout the movie and the movie makes it apparent that in the positions of powers are white people. We see it in the movie when Louis and some of his fellow protesters are visiting a diner.

They are out to demonstrate to show that they dare stand up and fight for the rights of the blacks.

They start by settling into the bar at the "wrong" end of the bar, where the whites belong, because the cafe is divided into blacks and whites. There is only one black worker and a lot of whites.

It also shows how they want more white guests and that they should have a better view than the blacks. As they sit down, the servants try to get them into their corner and when they refuse, both white servants and customers start pushing and spitting on them.

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