Good afternoon everyone.
I assume you all know what we are here to talk about. Hispanics in the US.

Over the years, people from loads of different countries have been going the USA, as a second chance, or to escape the poverty they’re living in.

This is happening right now with the Hispanics. To be honest I think the Hispanic are actually quite useful.

If we take a look at some statistics, in general Hispanics account for a large portion of the US’s spending power.

In 2015 Hispanics had an estimated after-tax income of around 687 billion USD that equals to around 1 out of every 10 dollars of disposable income held in the US, in 2015.

In both here in Texas and in California, Hispanic households had more than $125 billion in after-tax income in 2015, accounting for more than one of every five dollars available to spend in each state that year.